Excel to SharePoint list

I need help in copy-pasting all the rows from Excel to SharePoint list. Can anyone help guide me to the link to install SharePoint custom list package and steps to copy-paste all data in excel sheet to SharePoint list

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The package will be this one:

But the steps will depend on your excel and list definitions, please try some simple actions with the package and your SharePoint site and let us know if you fund problems.

Hello Bcorrea,

Thank you for the quick response. Do you have any sample for the action to copy data from excel to SharePoint list. I have downloaded the package already

What i have done so far is that i have created sequence to read the data from excel and store it in an variable.

the problem i am facing is in properties to add.Since the values will be different every time i cant specify the object value.

You need to create a Dictionary<string,object> variable and assign default value of new Dictionary<string,object>(), the keys will be the properties you have on your list and the objects will be the values you take from excel… my advise is that you test with a simple list with like one or two properties and hard coded values.

Hello Bcorrea,

Thank you…I tried but i am stuck in below mentioned condition.
I have 2 columns and 2 rows for example
First Name; last name
Somanna M
can you let me know how to define the object after the key

You mean in excel you have this info? you will create the items in the dictionary using assign activity like this:
Just make sure those Keys match the internal name of the fields you have in your list…

what if the object is dynamic.
Object changes every time and we have multiple object
can we give any variable ? in object value

Yes of course, you can use variables to fill the values, in your case it will come from the excel, maybe looking like row(“FirstName”).ToString for the key and row(“Last”) for the value (you dont want to use .ToString there…

Hi Somanna,
I am also working on the same but not able to. If you have any example or steps that can help me, will be helpful

Hi, welcome to the community!
What have you accomplished so far?

Hi Bcorrea,
Many thanks for your quick response.
What i have done so far is that i have created a sequence to read the data from excel and store it in an variable but the result appears to be display in a message box. What i want is to copy the data from the excel and store it in the sharepoint list which is in the quick edit mode. I am new to this, therefore seeking help in order to proceed further.

The best thing here is not to automate SharePoint via the web browser, but to use that activity you see above, and then use Add List Item activity.