Share my bot with colleages

Hi everyone.

I have a question about sharing a bot with my friends. Let’s say I have a web scrapping simple bot which works locally on my pc, and they want to use it. Should they install Uipath [Studio] to access Uipath Bot? Can they launch it from the orchestrator cloud without an account or without installing the studio?

What is the easiest way for them to use it? I launch it from the assistant.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @Josemanuel

Either they shouldbe having a robot installed in the machine and it need to configured to the orchestrator. then you can publish the package to that machine and execution will happend.

But if your friend want to do some modification, then you need to install the studio to open the xaml files for modifying the workflow.

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Do you mean installing the robot like this? Installing the Robot (

Do they need to create a new account for that?

They don’t need to modify anything in the workflow

PD: Thank you for the fast reply

After installing the robot it needs to connect with the orchestrator which you are using.

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