Shading Table columns in word document

Hi ,

Can anyone help me
In word document, how to change the background color of columns in a table

Thanks in advance:)

Do you mean using UiPath? Or in general?

With using uipath, you can use an attach window activity and using the click the click activity.


I am Building a Data table and pasting it in word document.There will be list of tables so i can’t do in that way. Can you please suggest some other way to change the column background color.


If that’s the case have you tried this?

Instead of Word first, you paste it onto an excel first then transfer it onto Word?

Hi ,

While copying from Excel to word document , Shading is not coming. We can able to copy only the text not the coloring and all.


Have you tried using a send hotkey activity to select all from excel and paste it into word? Cause it should work.