Excel change background colour of cell(s) - need sample workflow

Hi, how do I change the background colour of Excel cells?

I used the Desktop recorder to draft the workflow. I am able to click the button with the arrow to select the colours. The palette mini-window is supposed to appear and I am supposed to click to specify the fill colour.

Somehow when I run the workflow, when I click the button the palette does not appear, I get a Selector not found exception and the workflow crashes.

Anyone have a sample workflow? Thanks

You can d this with help of Invoke code activity. Create excel object then write code in to change the cell color.
click actions wont work always in excel or else go for keystroke automation

Hi, do you have the code for this? Thanks

You can try with set range color activity inside excel application scope.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H


As @pavanh003 suggested, you may use Set Range Color activity.
Below is the documentation for the activity:

Thanks and regards.

Alternatively this is one of the demo, may give some hint to your scenario: