SHA1_Online_GetHash - Execution Runtime error

Hi, I am getting an execution runtime error when fetching the data from the hashtag and performing the next activity Go Back Activity. This is the error I am getting in below snapshot.

As I use the Go Back activity mentioned in the PDF.

Go Back activity supports only Browser variables - UiPath.Core.Browser. You need to pass a Browser variable for the activity to work. Make sure you are using it in Attach Browser scope. Check this link to know about the activity-

One more, Get Full Text do we need to select particular selectors. for fetch Hash Tag.

For SHA1-Online, you can simply indicate the element in the browser and the automatically generated selector will work fine.

I tried but it’s not working. even-though I used screen scrapping but not worked.

Hi @balkishan,

Actually you don’t need to go back to the initial condition. I’ve done with that without used “go back” activity.

Then what can we do?
So you’re using close and open window.

Not like that. Just let the sha1 browser open, then fill the field and get the result without closing the browser. You only need to close the browser if no transaction item left.


This selector was automatically created by indicating the element in the browser and it’s working fine for me. Please check if it matches with yours.


Same selectors I got but not working.

What’s the error you’re getting after removing the Go Back activity?


I removed the Go Back activity. It’s showing the process is currently used .

Can you share the file?

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@vasundhara.sharma Thanks so much I already removed that activity.

what value should i mention in created browser variable?

I did not provide any value in the browser variable and it was working fine for me.
You can try passing Attach Browser activity’s output in the browser variable.

Ya…i did the same. I have passed Attache Browser activity output. It was working fine. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @vasundhara.sharma

The link says this about the Go Back:

This does not tell me exactly what to code in there. Can you provide a sample code?. I am at the following point in the GetHashCode WF. I have typed in the formula and the Hash code has been generated and retrieved. I am using the alternate site as the one provided in the course material is down: