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how to use go back activity


you need to find us in uipath.link https://academy.uipath.com
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Hi @indra

I want to have a Go Back stage in UiPath level 3, assignment 2, “Get Hash Code”, but I have trouble creating an argument type with browser that accepts the SHA URL…

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

Dont create a browser variable. Add the goback in the do of the attachbrowser or openbrowser at it should work.

@nadim.warsi Okay. Should it not be any variable/argument in the Go Back activity then?

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No, its not required

great, thank you! so now it looks fine as it is?

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it works, thank you so much @nadim.warsi

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yes, looks perfect :slight_smile:

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sure! where do I do that?

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Im sorry, you are not the creator of this thread :stuck_out_tongue: please ignore

Haha good! :slight_smile:

I am sorry I bother you again @nadim.warsi but I have another question.

In the Init workflow with (InitAllSettings - KillAllProcesses - System1Login - NavigateWorkItems - ExtractDataTable - Close) I have an issue regarding the last step - Assign.

I get this error…

you expression is incorrect
if your WIListMain is extracted datatable then it should be:
WIListMain.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ And Status=‘Open’”)

In your flow i see WIListMain is String type, i think it should be of datattable type


Now both WListMain and WList is of type data table. and yes, WIListMain is the value inside ExtractWorkItemDataTable,

Do you have any ideas of what is wrong?

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you WIList should be a Array of Datarow and not Datatable
Change that and you should be good.

Thank you so, so much @nadim.warsi

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Happy to help :slight_smile: @Sine

Its WI5 not W15. I have Done the same mistake.