Hi, Team
I created a work flow in UiPath to extract details from any invoice and generate XML through Document Understanding that part is done .“I want to upload generated xml on CloudApp azure Using sftp cred how i will do in UiPath”. Please give me soln on this.


Hi @Yogeshwar_Singh,

Use FTP packages


and check in SFTP option

@RajKumar_DC Got it. Thanks for Reply can you please help me how to give the Remote path where i need to upload files in correct way

Hi @Yogeshwar_Singh ,

If you want to upload in SFTP, that is the remote path



i used FileZilla


when i tried with hostName its showing error can you Please tell me where i am did wrong

Hi @Yogeshwar_Singh

Please check this


Hi @Yogeshwar_Singh ,

as per your screenshot, given host is wrong kindly check your host details

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