Setup problems with Visual Studio - Custom Activity

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to setup visual Studio to create a custom activity.
To do so, i use this instruction:

My setup so far:

When i start a new Project (Step 2) there are no UiPath templates.

Any ideas to get the teamplates in Visual Studio?

I have never seen this issue, but here are my propositions:

  1. Did you restarted Visual Studio after instalation of the extension?
  2. Have you got .NET desktop development installed? Go to visual studio installer and modify visual studio 2022, check if you have this workload:
  3. Open visual studio with ‘continue without code’ and make sure that activity creator is installed. Go to manage extensions → installed

Hi @Konrad_Mierzwa


Point 2 was missing… installed the .Net desktop development part… now i see the templates :slight_smile:

But now, another “problem” in the template:

According to the instruction i’m using the v4 UiPath extension with .dotnet 6
But not I had to install the Package for setting target versions of .Net Framework 4.6.1 to get it working.
That’s weired :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s weired
But ok, install also .net framework 4.6.1

  1. Go to visual studio installer and click modify
  2. click Individual components
  3. Select .net framework 4.6.1 and install


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