Setup HAA nodes in AWS cloud and configure nuget packages to S3 bucket

We are trying to setup UiPath infrastructure in AWS cloud. Also need to setup HAA nodes for UiPath Orchestrator. As a best practice, we need to setup S3 bucket and redirect Nuget packages into S3 via AWS Storage gateway. Can someone provide some info on the same?


If you can provide details on how you are going to be implementing resource in AWS and overall design, the community could probably give you some thoughts.

Generally speaking deploying UiPath and related components is no different than on prem, it just depends on how manual or how automated you want to make it.

Re: S3 Buckets - You’ll want to look at the Storage.Type and Storage.Location within the Uipath.Orchestator.dll.config file by configuring the Amazon provider and connection string. This will change the location where all Tenant files are stored: Packages, Library, Media Recordings, etc.

Alternatively you can go into your Tenant Settings and adjust deployment options to point to an external Nuget repository with which ever system you might use and the backing of that system could be an S3 Bucket.

Re: High Availability Add-On the following document walk you through any prereqs and installation. I recently setup HAA myself for an on-prem installation. If you have specific challenges to the setup and configuration feel free to ask.

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