HAA Add on trial version

I am interested to try the High availability setup using UiPath HAA Add-on. Is there a trial version of this so that we can try it out in our local environment? If yes, please guide me on how to get it? If no, what is the alternate option?

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hi @kartik.ramakrishnan
Please note that this model is more resource intensive than a single node installation,
so when your are trying the HA , you have to have Software and hardware capacity to do it.

Thanks for your reply @Maneesha_de_silva, I know that this model is resource intensive and we want to have a setup in our orgs for trial purpose. Is there a trial version of HAA Add-on available?

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I hope it’s possible, check with your vendor or Uipath, that you are currently getting a license form
and request a no production robot or any other as you need for your trail
I hope they definitely help you

and note that the hardware pard you have to arrange as mentioned

Hi @kartik.ramakrishnan Just follow the instructions found in this link: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/haa-installation

Upon installation, HAA will default to a 30-day trial if you don’t apply any license key.

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Thank you Matthew for this information. :slight_smile:

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