Setting Job Priority Of Email Based Trigger

When creating trigger in Integration services that fires when a new email received, there is no way to set the priority of the job that gets executed. How would I do this?

Yes, when you get they on dispatcher you can make a flow to put them in different queues, and set the queue priority


“If my email have letter A insert into queue A
if not insert into queue B”

Queue priority A is Medium
Queue Priority B is Low


For each job you cannot change or set the permission…but when creating a process you can set the default job priority to be higher than other jobs and this job would take priority

if you want to add priority to individual items then you need to do that while adding the queue items

But for individual jobs you cannot change priority from the triggers


Thanks for your response - but I do not believe this is correct. I have the Priority set to HIGH for these in orchestrator (confirmed when running them manually) - however when they are triggered via the integration service they run at MEDIUM.

Thanks for your response - this wont work for my use case because my bot is 1 email, 1 process that puts the item into the queue and then takes it out. I’m using the REF Template.