Setting IsBodyHTML property invoking process


We have a process that we invoke. The process contains a “Send Outlook Mail message” activity. All properties are set in arguments when invoking the process. But we did not find any way to set the options that needs to be “ticked off” , like the “IsBodyHTML” property. Is there any way to do so in our scenario?

Can you share the screenshot of the flow if possible, It will be easy to identify the error.

Pavan H

Here is the process. It’s not an error but we would like to know if it is possible to set the property for IsBodyHTML to the value of the in_IsBodyHTML argument.SendEmail.xaml (24.5 KB)


IsBodyHTML - Specifies whether the body of the message is written in HTML format.

@lakshman - yes, and we want to set the possibility for this invoked process to be able to use both standard text and also HTML. The reason why we are invoking this process is that Outlook gives a warning that we need to handle as an exception. We are using this email sending in multiple process and by invoking it it will be easier to maintain instead of fixing in 100 processes. Is it possible to pass this boolean argument to the invoked process and set the property?


You can do it with the following custom activity:



Its not possible.

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