Set value to empty

This is the one who’s going to set Null on the queue item

this is the initialization that will get the queue item (emailadd)

how can I set the EmailAdd to empty ?

Hi @shanti_18

  • Assign → EmailAdd = “”

Then it will show no value in the field

If you want the place of null to empty use below

  • Assign → EmailAdd = “Empty”

Hope it helps!!

Hi @shanti_18

You are correct the EmailAdd: null means it doesnot having any value

Hi @shanti_18
EmailAdd is a null value which represents there is an empty i.e, No value.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @shanti_18

Please pass:
EmailAdd = in_transactionitm.specificcontent("EmailAddPL").Tostring

Pass the EmailAddPL variable

thanks it works

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thanks ur really helping me out, cheers bro

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Thank you @shanti_18 bro

Happy Automation!!

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