Set Up Azure DevOps feed as Custom feed for Libraries in Orchestrator

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a Custom feed for Libraries in the Orchestrator. My intention was to use a Private Nuget Feed created as an Artifact in my companies Azure DevOps Organization.

I’ve manage to set up our Studios so that now they can publish and manage packages to/from that feed. The problem comes once we try to run a process from the Orchestrator into one of our UiRobots. It’s not capable to automatically download the newer versions of the custom nuget packages and the process failes.

I think I’ve read somewhere that this is solve by setting up you custom feed in the deployment settings of the Orchestrator. But when I introduce the Url to the nuget feed (e.g.:****/****/_packaging/TeamFeed/nuget/v2) It fails to load the libraries. I think that this is due that I’m not putting the right API Key (tbh I don’t even know where to generate this value, I’ve just tried several convinations of passwords and tokens from Azure).

Has anybody tried (and succeeded) to do this?


Extra info: we use the Cloud Platform Orchestrator

Hey, did you ever get a resolution for this?

Hi Reed,

No answer. I works if you make the project public (and the feed aswell). But then I had problems with the deployment… For now we are just publishing from the repos (using CI/CD pipelines). Not quite like having your custom feed…