Custom feed for UiPath Library

I have created a NuGet feed in azure DevOps to store Activity Packages in, this works fine and I am able to download and install activities etc.

I am wanting to create a second feed to upload UiPath Libraries to, I have created the feed but when I try and publish the library to this feed I get the following error message

Error: Unable to load the service index for source***********/_packaging/***********/nuget/v3/index.json.

I’m assuming there is some sort of set up as there will be a Person Access Token to authenticate against the feed but I’m not sure how to set it up.


Having the same issue - did you resolve this?


There is a section in the UiPath Docs about Managing Activities Packages

look for the section called Adding Secure Feeds and it explains how to do it there. You need to generate a toke in azure to uses as the password in your NuGet.config file

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