Nuget feed setup for reusable components

With newer uipath version it is possible to create reusable components as libraries. How do you configure your enviroment to use this components?

As in online documentation I have 3 systems (Development, Test and Production). Each system has his own orchestrator. In the case I create a new process I have to publish this package to a directory. After that I can manually upload this package to each of these orchestrators manually (First onto TEST, adn in the case all tests are ok I manually upload the same package to PRODUCTION)
I’m not shure if these is a good setup, but the documentation is not really clear how we should do this at best. But that’s another problem

Use case:

  • I create library called “A” for a special function. I publish library to a local directory and upload this version to my nugetfeed on TFS.
  • Inside UiPath studio I add this feed.
  • After that I create a new process called “MAIN” where I import this library A. This works on my development machine.
  • After that I publish this library to a directory and upload manually this package to quality system orchestrator.
  • In the case quality checks passed I have to do the same on the orchestrator for production system.

Is there no way that multiple orchestrator can share a nuget feed with reusable components.

By the way is there a better setup?

Dear @Stephu , we are also in same situation. Your solution on sharing custom NuGet feed to multiple orchestrator will be helpful to us as well. Got any solution on it ? Do you use v19.10 Custom Nuget feed and URL ?

@RPA_HAT: No unfortunately nobody had an answer.