Set Trigger - help


I need to set trigger to run my proces monthly. It’s required to run each 10 day of month. Sounds simple, but i need to dynamic change day if 10 day on month is Satuarday or Sunday. For example: The day of 10.10.2020 is Saturday, so process should run one day before - Friday 09.10.2020.

Is it possible to configure trigger like that ? I tried create cron expression but without success.

0 0 0 10W 1/1 ? *
10W means closest Weekday from Day 10.
If day 10 is Saturday, it will run one day before.
If day 10 is Sunday, it will run one day after.

Better than nothing. Works great if 10 day of month is on Saturday (process trigger day before on Friday). Is it not possible to trigger 2 days before if 10 day of month is on Sunday ?

Anyway thank you veyr much for help

Or maybe anybody know how get triggers from orchestrator by API ? Of course i don’t see possibility to get it in documentation…

If it will be possible so i can write simple script to change date trigger in orchestrator.