Trigger for use case

Hi need to create a trigger which should run on every 3rd weekday of a month at 10:00 AM.
How can i write it?

Hi @vishal_nachankar

You can use the following Cron expression for the same:

0 0 10 ? * 2#3

This will trigger the process at 10:00:00am, on the 3rd Monday of the month, every month

Hope this helps,
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Exactly on 3rd working day I guess is not possible using cron…we can use nearest working day to 3rd of month if that works…else need to handle in process only

0 0 10 3W * ? *


Hi @vishal_nachankar,

This is not possible using trigger. You can do this in your code itself.

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no does match my requirement

Could you try this crone expression-
0 10 ? * 4#3


  • 0: Run at 0 minutes past the hour
  • 10: Run at 10:00 AM
  • ?: Ignore the “Day of Month” field
  • *: Run every month
  • 4#3: Run on the third Thursday of the month (where 4 represents Thursday and #3 represents the third occurrence of Thursday in the month)

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