Set Text in Save As dialog box

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to save a paint file to a custom path. When i use the Type Into activity the file is saved as i gave, But when i use Set Text activity even though the text appears in the field but the file is saved as untitled.
This is what it looks when set text enters data

*Sorry for hiding parts but thats sensitive information :sweat_smile:

but then its saved as untitled

Hi @sheel9540,

Set text is similar to Type Into of simulate property, and there are few limitations to set text activity, if type into is working why you want to go to set text activity any particular reason.

If yes, please help us with the reason, if not you can use type into activity.

Try to just save a image again and use set text and just provide random name as Test and try to save and at that time also its giving untitled, can you try this and let us know if you are still facing the issue.

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HI @sheel9540,
you can use Type Into and assign a name of the file in a variable then put into Type into ActivityCaspture

Try this and let me know

Happy Automation

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Hey @anil5 & @sandeep13 ,

The reason i’m using set text in place of type into is that in type into activity it simulates the action of a user and types like keystrokes and since the path is long and thousands of records need to be saved it’s increasing overall time. while at the same time, set text directly places the content in the field.

Hi @sheel9540

Use type into and use simulate property.

@anil5 but i guess simulate must be used only when the window where data needs to be entered is not active or in background or there’s an overlaying element on top of that. it would still type by keystokes.

Yes but it will be little faster than the default method

Okay let me try and see if there is distinguishable difference

@anil5 There isn’t much of a difference in simulating.

But i found out why set text activity wasn’t working. It’s because whenever you save an untitled document via paint “Untitled” is written by default in filename and even if you use set text over it, it isn’t overwritten. So the workaround for this is to send hotkey “DELETE” and then use set text. That way it will save as it is.

Here’s the screenshot:

Thanks for the ideas and efforts everyone. :v: :slight_smile:


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