Set background color to excel


i want to apply color to my excel with out using set range color activity, is the any way to do this

You can record the steps of changing the background colour via the Excel GUI.

Use the ‘Select Range’ activity. Then a click activity to click the fill button


Hi @kalyanDev

You have the activity called Set Color Range in properties you have to set
Color: System.Drawing.Color.Blue
Range: “Cell Range”
SheetName: “Sheetname”

Hope this will helpful

JothyPrasanth M


set range color will work with the excel application scope only but i just want to do this with out excel application scope.


what ever the way u told that is okay but i want to implement with out using excel application scope means for example 'Select Range 'activity will work with in the excel application scope.

Why can’t you use the excel application scope?

while i am deploying into client machine so that machine’s are not installed with excel so…

Can you install Python or Open Office or another 3rd party editor? I think there are chrome plugins that allow excel files to be edited.

hey Kalyan this is how I accomplished it: