ServiceNow Connector Error - unauthorized_client

Howdy Folks!

I realize that this just got published but I would like a quick sanity check.
There are many demos that I would like to create with this integration <3

I followed the UiPath documentation for ServiceNow ServiceNow Authentication

Oauth is set to active

Application Registries Item has been created

Connect to ServiceNow

Error Message- unauthorized_client: The client credentials provided (those of the service you are using) are either not valid or not trusted

This is with an OOB instance. Please let me know if I am missing anything :wink:

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it’s UiPath and ServiceNow native integration?

OAuth is set to Active but have you added the user id that you are using is added to the Application registries in service now?

The ID you use should have a valid entry with desired permissions to have access to connect via native integration