Service: orchestrator not found in Organization: camunda_poc Tenant: defaulttenet

I am trying to connect to UiPath from Camunda8 and add item to queue. I am using trial version. Got this error when i tried to add items to queue.

404 Not Found


Service: orchestrator not found in Organization: camunda_poc Tenant: defaulttenet

Can anyone tell what is problem here. I also tried to do same using postman but there I got a web page in response. I think that might be login redirect page


Can you share the whole request? The best both from camunda and from postman :wink:
Do you use Orchestrator Cloud for community version?


I am using orchestrator cloud on trial.
this is my postman configuration. for getting token i am using auth2.0 because i have client id and secrect which i got from my machine.

these are my configurations and response.


You said that " i have client id and secret which i got from my machine."
Did you create External Application on Admin page to get the Application ID and Secret ID value?

Please also take a look at this documentation Automation Cloud - External Applications (OAuth) (

and this one

Automation Cloud - Managing External Applications (

You need to define Scope in the External Application and then put the same scope in your API Request.

Let me know if this helps you :slight_smile: If not, we will investigate the issue deeper.

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Hi @kmisko11
My usecase is to add items to queue from Camunda8.
Using the client ID and user key found in preferences,I am able to get access token and then use that token to add item to queue using postman. I am able to do that successfully.

But in camunda I get option use client id and secret. I am not sure which client id and secret i have to use. One is presen in preferences->Security and one client/machineId and secret is found where all machines are lsited.

Can you help me with this. You also mentioned to create an external app first to get client id and access token.
I created but not sure which scope to add. And if i add scope then it asks to add redurect url. What should be redirect url? and what should be value of client id bacause secret is given in application but no client id

You should use the Client Id and secret from created External Application from UiPath.
Client Id is the App ID visible on your screen. You should use exactly the same values as in Postman I believe.

Could you show me by screenshot which Client ID and user key do you use in postman?

Could you also send the screenshot from camunda?


I am using this client id and secret in postman to get access token

I have passed client id and refresh token(user key) in body to get access token

Also as i try to create external application it is asking for redirect url. I have added this scope OR.Queues.Write since it is required to add item to queue. What shou;d be my redirect url?

should it be this ?

Please try to add Application Scope and not User Scope. Then Redirect URL is not needed as Application scope doesn’t require user interaction :wink:
Creating External Application is newer and recommended way to connect to Automation Cloud/ Orchestrator.
If you need organization ID, it is visible in the URL of your Tenant: (…)orchestrator_/?tid=13572&fid=786506

Please also remember to use Value of the Secret ID and not Secret ID itself.

this is the example from Azure CICD which I successfully connected to the Orchestrator:

This docs may help you as well: Automation Cloud - External Applications (OAuth) (

Thanks a lot. I am able to add to queue using Postman. But getting this error when trying using camunda8 with exact same configuration used postman.

Is there some place in UiPath from where we need to enable or give permission for orchestrator so that it can be accessed by external applications? Maybe I am not sure. Working in postman still asking bacause postman is not affected by CORS or anything else, Similar way there might be anything else we may need to enable. :sweat_smile:

I am not aware of such specific permission. The Scope is used to define it.
So I understand that you are able to authenticate using camunda? Like this:,Client%20Credentials,client_secret"%3A%20"{app_secret}"%2C %20%20%20%20"scope"%3A%20"{scopes}" },-Using%20the%20Access

May be you can start with easier request to just read the QueueItems: