API Authentication to Cloud Orchestrator


We recently transitioned from an On-Premise Orchestrator instance to one hosted by UiPath Cloud. We have an external application that is sending Queue items to one of our queues. In the On-Premise orchestrator, authentication and transmission is working fine. However, I’m having difficulty getting the authentication to work to the Cloud instance.

It seems that the URLs or something is not working correctly with the cloud instance. I’m using Insomnia to test out the authentication, Screenshots below. Can anyone assist? I’m not seeing the bearer token coming back as expected

I found that the documentation online has some problems in how the URL is documented. It was missing the underscore after “identity”.

I made that correction and now I get the following error.


Try including content type in the request



Already done so

Note that I get the same problem when applying the authentication within an actual API request like “AddQueueItem”


Just to check can you try using postman or so and check the authentication…

And also I hope your external application setup is proper using application scope…ans confidential applucation


Postman authentication works fine. Insomnia does not. As a company, we are technically not allowed to use Postman. I used it as a POC only but now I’m trying to get Insomina to work.

And yes, I have it set as a confidation application as indicated that PostMan does work.