Service account missing in the dialog flow Please help

Hello ,

I am trying to create the chat bot, but getting stuck at the below point.
In dialogflow the service account is missing , how shall i get this? Please help

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Hi @Seema_S, for this Dialogflow agent, it appears that you will need to create a service account for it. To do this:

  1. Click on the project ID. This will open the GCP project that your Dialogflow agent is in.
    Important: Make sure that the account that is used to log into GCP is the same as the account used to log into Dialogflow
  2. In the Project Info widget, click on the Go to project settings button
  3. Click on Service Accounts in the menu on the left
  4. Click the Create Service Account button near the top of the page
  5. Give your service account a name and then assign it the Dialogflow API Admin role.
  6. You can now create the private key for this service account using the steps described in the wizard to connect to Dialogflow