Dialogflow integration with uipath chatbot

I am facing an issue of getting service account while creating an agent in dialog flow which is used in uipath chatbot building. We need project id, service account and key values, in which i couldn’t get service account in dialog flow

I am also facing same issue.
Did u find the solution for this.
In dialogflow not able to find the service account

No Seema, still facing the issue.

i see that we have to use - Dialogflow V2 version. but i dont know how to integarte the dialogflow with v2 api’s :frowning:

In “console.cloud.google.com” we can enable dialogflow api under api services. But it didn’t work for me.

Can you tell me how to enable it in the console. i am unable to do it.
Please the screenshot if you have. will give it a try…

Please click “API and Services”, and add dialogflow api

Hey , i have done it already.
You dint get me. See for the dialogflow to get the service, we should use the v2api’s.

Setting up DialogFlow V2 Authentication and accessing APIs using Client Libraries

okay got it, try using the following things if possible:

hi Manisha,

Tried it, but could not get the service account in the dialog flow…
Anyways thank you.

I wanted to create a sample chatbot.
then the whatsapp chatbot.