Kill the process

Hello guys, I am working on website automation, Most of the time website will take some times to respond , in such case if my website took more than 15 sec to respond - i need to kill the process the kill process and start again.

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Use Element exist activity and Set the TimeOutMS 15000 and the use If activity

If the element appeared in the website you can continue the process in Then block

In Else Block you can use Kill Process activity Process Name → “Chrome”


Not sure I understand your question? Your process stops after 15 seconds or do you want to kill the process?
You can increase the Timeout in Use Application/Browser properties or add a Kill Process activity.
Also add a Delay while page loads before first activity.


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You can do like this

  • Use a element exist and indicate on a constant element in the website and store in a variable. and the set the timeout as 15000 in the properties

  • If activity Pass the variable from the element exists

    • True-> Continue your steps
    • False-> Kill the Chrome and open browser and from the login steps continue from there


Hi @udaykumar.murari

Try this process; I believe it will meet your needs.


You can directly use a retry scope inside that use kill process and open browser…and in condition use element exists…so if it doesnot load then it retries again…


I already added this in try catch. but the website takes more minutes to show NODENOTFOUND error. To need to cut of this waiting time to get this error.


If websote takes time we cannot cut down…

But if there is any element which comes or loads to say that the website would not lod…then we can use that in element exists to determine if the navigation failed or nozz

May be you cna use parallel activity with teo element exists one for sucess and another for failure