Server pool possible?


Within my company we are using UiPath for a while now, and i recently finished my own RPA_Foundation training. In this training i saw information about a serverpool. Our RPA-experts ( im just an application engineer ) have the need to have a server-pool.

What i mean with that is: 3 or more unattended servers that are dedicated to run robots ( the term is a server pool if i am correct ). So now they have 1 machine, on wich they login and run the robot unattended. But the amount of bots is increasing, and with the current timeschedule being quite full, a second server is neccesary. But since there is also a growth in RPA-experts, it would be nice to have a pool of 3 or more servers, that if a scheduled robot is triggered, it finds the first available server in the pool, and executes there.

Is the above possible? And is there any documentation available? I could not find anything except a floating machine, but i don’t think thats what i am trying to achief.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ivo_van_Rinsum ,

Did you saw the market place solution from UiPath on Auto Scaling?

It does have option for hot/cold robots scaling.


In our setup we have 2 unattended servers, both linked to the same production tenant. Server pool might me an overstated xpression here, 2 people don’t make a crowd but hey… who cares :).

Effectively we just created a 2nd machine and configured a second set of robots there. (Of course with delivering the appropriate infrastructure for it). You can of course repeat this for as many machines as you have hardware for.

Now when we run our unattended scripts, the dynamic allocation just checks between the machines for available bots and runs the scripts accordingly.