RPA robots autoscaling

I have a requirement to deploy RPA bots jn cloud EC2 machines . Whenever there is more load ,aws can handle using autoscaling group and launch more machines .

All newly added ec2 machines would already have uipath robot as they are all deployed from same machine image .

I need a way to connect all these machines to orchestrator as robot .

Is there a way to do this dynamically .
Is there any way to connect to orchestrator automatically during launch . ?

Thanks ,

Hi @Abhishek_aithal
The ability to dynamically provision new Unattended Robots is possible with 2020.4 version of Orchestrator. With the combination of machine templates and modern folders you can spin up more VMs during times of high demand.

Please watch this YouTube demo video for more details: https://youtu.be/M3Y3cZ408pg

Having said the above you do need to consider how many Unattended Robot license your company has subscribed to because you the number of unattended robots you provision will be capped by the number licenses you own.