Server or Personal Computer ? Why?

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So assuming that my automation work fine, should I deploy it on server OR in personal computer that have connection to the server ? what the pros and cons of being deployed in Server ? what the pros and cons of being deployed in Personal Computer ? I want to know from many point of view, such as Security measure, is the space will be a problem?, is it the maintenance willbe more hard ? etc.

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I would prefer to have connection with a server as we have an option of it that is it doesn’t mean like bad having in our machine but as the process runs we won’t be able to do work with other application especially when the process involves some UI accessing of the elements in the application enmity which we automate

And coming to this point

—we won’t be able to do other process in other application
—we will facing some memory storage issue due to the execution logs and other data related to robot may take large amount of memory from your system

For this

—Once deployed we don’t need towatch the process and worry about memory as that was your first concern
—and even that is scheduled we don’t have any problem as it will be executing daily or based on the schedule we have made
Which makes perfect automation
—and we can do other processes in our personal machine

—we need to ensure that the machine is connected always to the orchestrator

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I recommend you to deploy on server machine.
In case of your personal computer, if bot is running you are unable to use your personal computer.
In case of server machine, you can leave the machine to do only bot work.

There are other important aspects. If their any windows updates on your personal computer the bot may not work on personal computer. On the other hand you can disable windows updates the server machine.

Karthik Byggari

Noted! Thanks for answering me @Palaniyappan @KarthikByggari :grin: If any one have other thought about it, just write in here :grinning: In the mean time, I will keep this thread open :thinking:

P.S : is there any security issue regarding this ?

and how about secure reason ?

@Palaniyappan @KarthikByggari is there any Pros on using Personal Computer ?:thinking::thinking:

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It’s fine having in our personal laptop so that machine will be in our control and no one can login while the process is getting executed
But if we use server and if someone logs in while the process is in execution then it will b me in trouble
That will be advantage of having the robot executed in our personal machine itself
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@Palaniyappan noted! thanks mate :grin:

So I will Recap what we can found in this topic

Then again thanks for anyone who contributing to this topic :wink:

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