Server API key missing or invalid error in Send Hotkey Activity

Guys hi,

When I tried to send hotkey to the screen(in my case excel) I have encountered error like described in the image.

Is there any section to put API key or am i missing sth ? :smiley:



I think you have used “CV Scope” somewhere in the process, yhat requires a API key, but CV Scope is not needed if the excel file is local on the machine :slight_smile:

I’m using excel application scope so there is no CV scope

Ok, did you have it and then removed it? Because then It might still be some dependency in the project.json.

If you mean the Computer Vision scope, no I have never used it in any process. I was using the basic send hotkey in this process under the excel application scope. I’ve also tried the send hotkey activity in the outside of excel application scope but I’ve encountered the same error