Serious Bug In Browser Related Activities : Alert

Hello Developer Team,
UiPath studio selectors service has a serious bug that should be fixed soon.

In observation we found that UiPath robots only work fine if a website is not already opened. If a website is already opened ? Then again its opened in any robotic process ?

Robot will swtich to work on old website (which is already opened ) instead of working on newly opened webpage.

Suppose… If we already have opened chrome browser. And suppose new order’s page is open in amazon. and the page have 50 orders. Due to any reason we did not close or refresh this order tab 4- 5 hours. And meanwhile we get 25 more order. Mean total is 75 orders now.

Suppose if we have built a bot to schedule orders for pick up… and now we run this bot.
What should we expect? We expect that it should schedule all 75 orders. Right ?

Oh no… But its don’t. Its will only schedule that earlier 50 orders.

What ? Its seems buggy :zipper_mouth_face: Where is the issue ?

On investigation we found that…the bot just open new order page. And leave it. And its selector auto switch to earlier opened website. which is not refreshed in last 5 hours. and only have 50 orders loaded.

That earlier opened website & newly opened website both have same selector. UiPath will always work on selectors which is earlier opened. But all users expect… it should work on newly open website.

I think UiPath developer should add few code in open browser / navigate activity which make the selectors to work on active window if more then one same selectors available.

Tested on Studio Version 2019.12, Chrome browser latest version. We tested it on amazon and a lot other websites. And found the same issue.

After every run the bot should clean up what it has done. It includes closing of all opened files, browsers etc. The same could be ensured while you run the bot again.


On the other hand, it is a good practice to kill all the processes or close all the applications from bot before starting the workflow.

Solution to your problem as well as a good practice for robust bot:

If there are one or more windows with the similar name (title of the window) - then in Open Browser Activity, please save the output to browser variable.


  • UiBrowser - The result of the activity as a UiBrowser object. Stores all the information regarding your browser session. Only Browser variables are supported.

If you want to attach the same browser window again, instead of selectors - please use browser variable in the Attach Browser Activity.

  • Browser - The existing browser variable that you want to attach to.

Similarly you can apply the same for any window or application opening by bot. This is also speed up the performance of the bot.

Karthik Byggari


funny post :sweat_smile:


Yes… you are right that we should close 1st all already opened web page, windows which has same title or other attributes. Surly doing this we can achieve what I want.
:no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:
But think about an UiPath core feature. Which automatically work on recently opened selector. Otherwise choose the active one if multiple same selector available.

It will speed up bot making process. And will also will make our code pretty. And finally will be best for new users who is unknown about this issue.

And my dear friend @bcorrea as I know I have posted under user feedback section. This section is for improvement in UiPath. So I dont think is anything funny in it.

Do you think it is best practice to everytime and in every sequence file 1st we always check using same selector if any already window available or not. Then close it. I think now its funny. :sweat_smile:

@KarthikByggari @KannanSuresh

How to close the webpage which is already opened with the same URL or Title?

Screenshot of the workspace. I am trying to use close tab activity before opening the browser. But The close activity only support “browser” variable. How to define this variable?



Use send hotkey : Ctrl + w, Ctrl + 2w, Ctrl + 3w and so on numerical order tab you want close.


I dont want to close random tabs. I want to close it by given URL or title name only.

if the tabs have the different title or url, you can use attach browser activity and store Uibrowser variable then use it assign into close tab activity. Else you must determined your tab want close and use my idea.

Suppose if 3 webpage is open with same title ? Attach browser & close tab will still close only 1 webpage. It will remain still open. So they will cause problem again.

I think best method only UiPath team should improve its core functionality.
Which automatically work on recently opened selector. Otherwise choose the active one if multiple same selector available.

Hi @Tech_Guru

I agree with the above mentioned comments that there should always be a routine in the process that checks the current status of the browsers and closes the unneeded ones. This is best practice because for each process you want perfectly reproducible and stable environment exactly so that situations like the one described above do not happen.

Having said that, could you clarify your version of Studio and the activity packages?

I tested it right now.

  1. I opened IE on
  2. I made a small robot:
  3. I run that process. The click happened on the new window instead of the one opened in the background.
    This is because the Open Browser takes the context of the browser window that it opened. It seems to me that this is also what your suggestion is about.

Could you clarify?

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I dont mean to be rude when i said it was funny post, just that you posting it like there is a bug and as an alert to users :slight_smile: It is standard behavior that Open Browser creates a new instance of that web site url and Attach Browser uses an already opened one… It is up to the developer not to make the mistakes :wink:


Sounds more like you need to change how your bot works. This is an issue with the bot and/or order page, not the IDE.