Browser or Window crashed


I am a beginner to UiPath and facing some problem using the bot. using web recording I am recorded some process. Once I have run the bot my Browser is stuck.

for this case :

1.How bot will react?
2. How can I replicate this problem?
3. if execute half of the process, how can I start from paused state?




  1. If the browser is struck your bot will try to get the next element you spy. As it is a sequence flow, so if it is not found then it will throw exception.
  2. You can put a try-catch and launch a new browser or any activity
  3. I am not much aware of that, but i think queues will be useful for this type of issue.


Hai, @Arunachalam
It may happen because of the virus guards what you use. I faced some kind of problem like that.:skull_and_crossbones:

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