If else in sequence

Hi All, Good Day.

I have started to learn from basics. logic is leap year or not
I got stuck in sequence if else logic.
Below is my piece of code. Could you please check, negative scenario is not working.


Since i am the new user, i couldn’t attach multiple images, so sending the same in the reply options. Sorry for the confusion, let me know if any further details are required.

replace heysure mod 4=0 with: Date.IsLeapYear(Cint(TextFromUser))

perfect. many thanks, doubt is even my piece of code is similar to the flow decision, same code worked in flowchart, but in sequence it didn’t

must be some detail, cause they should work all the same…

Hi @manojprabhakaran,

Check the output var for Input dialog activity as —> heysure.
Because if you didn’t put variable (heysure) at output variable parameter for Input dialog activity, it will always endup in then section.