Separate Processes by Apps

Hi, I have a question.

In my experience with RPA, when there is a project with more than 1 app, for example:

  1. SAP - get input from sap
  2. Intranet - verify input data in intranet
  3. Web1 - update data in web1
  4. Web2 - download file in web 2
  5. Web3 - update database web with file and updated data

Normally we create one process for each app. But I’ve found that create one step for just download a file, one step for verify, etc. It’s making a very secure process but is adding more time to it.

So, I want to know if this is the procedure (separate by apps) or we can create mixed app processes separating carefully and how do you will do it?

Thank you

Hi @KevinDS,
There are no strict best practices for this. However, dividing steps/apps by separate sequences allow you for easier maintenance of those. Remember that one day you are developing the process, another day someone else will need to work on it (improve or add something) and this needs to be easy to understand. In other words, sometimes more work makes a benefit for the future.

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