Separate design time and runtime dependencies

So, really not a fan of this new feature. It creates a huge amount of clutter in my packages feed now as each library I publish becomes two libraries so I have twice as many packages as before and must filter out and ignore the runtime ones.
Seems like a ton of overhead for what I imagine is miniscule time savings on downloading packages as they aren’t all that big anyway.

Why isn’t this an optional thing for if you do have a package is too large and leave us with the simple single packages as default?

Thanks for the feedback. We will consider in the next release and maybe expose this as a customization.

The downside of the “overhead” it’s that robot will execute faster and download smaller packages.

Yeah, I get that, but I’m saying for the time saved for 500kb of a nuget to download, I think I’ll waste more in managing packages and forgetting to move one from one tenant to another causing missing dependencies etc resulting in a much larger net loss.

I don’t know how much faster the bots run after downloading, perhaps you can elaborate on that, but again I don’t expect that to be suddenly increasing processing speed by like 20% or something.

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So these things have reared their ugly heads again and I still hate it and cannot see any value, only downsides (please give me some stats on performance increase if thats a thing as the package size cannot be affected imo as both are still needed to run the bot.). Mercifully its now an option but set to default to split (weird choice) and I hate needing the change this everywhere.

The documentation states that it can be handled with a Governance Policy, I checked Automation Ops and cannot see it, can anyone waypoint me to how to turn this off?


So I managed to find a way to turn of this feature which is rather merciful as its really annoying and provides no tangible benefits (still not possible by Automation Ops as far as I know despite the documentation claiming so).

In order to turn it off entirely on your machine, go to your UiPath Install folder, navigate to the ‘Profiles’ folder and open the ‘Development.json’ file. In this file find the key ‘EnableLibrarySplitToDesignAndRuntime’ and set it to false and for good measure do the same for the key ‘EnableProcessSplitToDesignAndRuntime’.

I hope this helps some people :slight_smile:
Please turn this off by default UiPath or at least give a good reason for such inconvinience in package management introduced by this.