Managing Nuget Packages

We are running on cloud environment using virtual machines to run bots and on version 2019.10.5
Description # We have 3 Terminal Server’s and 14 robots (terminal server accounts) on each Server (Total 42 Unattended BOT’s).

• Currently, we are seeing that each robot (terminal Server Account) has their own copy of the various nuget packages pushed down from Orchestrator to run the desired workflow.

• Question is – Can we maintain “nuget packages” centrally at one location per server and point each robot session to the one common/shared location? Or is it mandatory that each unattended bot should have its own copy of all of the “nuget packages”.

We have seen few packages where we never used (for example:, etc) this one package is itself close to 1GB, like that we have other packages taking up the space.

These packages are taking maximum space on the hard drives. Could you please let us know the better way on how to manage these packages centrally, so that it is not occupying the space on the hard drives for every terminal server & session.

There are so many logs getting created when the BOTs are running. This is also one of our major concerns which is occupying the space on the hard drives. Is there a way to avoid the logs using minimum space, so that we do not need to clear the logs every fortnight.

Also the packages are in different drives on each terminal servers. Do we need to maintain uniformity across.
Terminal Server # 1 on C:
Terminal Server # 2 on D:
Terminal Server # 3 on E:\

For Example: When one workflow is scheduled on one unattended BOT (Terminal Server 2) it pulls all the required packages required and runs the BOT.
But when we try to deploy the same workflow on another unattended BOT (Terminal Server 1), then it is trying to search for the packages if found then it is working, if not found then it is failing.

Also yet times, the workflow is not running on the “Current Version” and using the previous versions while running on different unattended bots.

We tried to go through the Community Forum and UiPath documentation, but could not find a proper/right solution for all our issues.

Could you please help us in resolving our space issues & package issues. We are also open for a zoom call, so that it will be better explained by showing our systems.

Help is appreciated !