Impact of SAP GUI upgrade from 750 to 760 on existing automations

Hi All,

We’re migrating SAP GUI from 750 to 760. I would like to know if there would be any impact on the existing automation built using previous version? The SAP Basis team says it’s GUI upgrade only and not a technical one. However UiPath works on GUI scripting so was bit skeptical about the impact of migrating to higher version.
Also the SAP Enjoy theme being used in all the automations so far, doesn’t exist on 760 version. Will this bear any prominent impact?

Do let me know if there’re any functional - non functional impacts.

Appreciate your help and inputs.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Rohan_Upadhye1

Let me share with you the results of our latest investigation. We (UiPath) have tried out different version of Windows and WinGUIs and here you can see the results.

The following versions of SAP WinGUI are supported by UiPath for Windows 7 and Windows 10, for both architecture types (32-bit and 64-bit). SAP Logon and SAP Logon Pad are supported on all versions.

  • SAP WinGUI 7.40
  • SAP WinGUI 7.50
  • SAP WinGUI 7.60

All available themes (such as Belize, Blue Crystal, or Corbu) can be used for SAP automation.

UiPath Studio and Robots are using in the background SAP WinGUI scripting interface, therefore changes on Theme or even WinGUI version should not have any impact on your robots

SAP WinGUI scripting Interface is here for the last 15 years and it is very stable and reliable.

Your SAP Basis Team is correct, there are no technical changes (yes, there are some minor changes, but overall not relevant for UI). Going from 7.50 to 7.60 is a change of UI for business users

Best regards from Product Management,

Hi @LevKushnir,

Thanks for your detailed response and I really appreciate your inputs.

One thing I would like to know is, let’s say if we build automation using Enjoy theme and then try to run the same UiPath script on any other theme, will it work flawlessly or are there any chances of breaking automation upon theme change?

Appreciate your inputs.


HI @Rohan_Upadhye1

I cannot be 100% sure, but with probability of more then 95% I would say the theme does not matter.

You are going to create your automation with using of SAP Scripting interface, it means we are steering all SAP elements with technical ids (selectors) and UI, means Theme does not play any role here.

Just as an example - Statusbar: Two different Themes with the same automation works without any issues.

Best regards, Lev

Hello Lev,

sorry for bumping an old topic, but we are now facing a similar issue - upgrading from 740 to 770.
Noticed that the new theme definitely affects selectors, even in the logon pad, but we can solve that by going back to the classic theme. But even with the classic theme, some of the selectors have changed slightly.

For example, bot should click on the “Spreadsheet” button in SE16N table output

The Ui element selector looked like this:

<wnd aaname='Context' app='saplogon.exe' cls='#32768' />
<ctrl name='Context' role='popup menu' />
<ctrl automationid='8' />

And now it looks like this:

<wnd app='saplogon.exe' cls='#32768' idx='*' />
<ctrl name='Context' role='popup menu' />
<ctrl automationid='8' />

the change is minimal, but the aaname not being there still breaks the automation.
Any suggestions on what we can do to fix it (~35 projects to test end-to-end because of this), or at least, how to avoid this in the future?

Thank you!

HI @SSavickas

We have announced the support for 7.70 a few days after SAP released it. Full support for everything there. More here:

To your questions, what I see in selectors is, that you are not using SAP Scripting interface.

If you are going to create your automation with using of SAP Scripting interface, it means we are steering all SAP elements with technical ids (selectors) and UI, means Theme does not play any role here.

Here is a correct example of your scenario:

Best regards, Lev

Just to be clear, the activities that are using the scripting interface, are under the “UI Automation” group of activities, correct? We try to use those wherever possible, but not everything can be done with them, specifically text inputs, and login (as we use SSO only), and they were added on 20.4, majority of our projects and reusable components were created before that.

UiAutomation Package is the package responsible for SAP automation - correct.

We have switched to stable and reliable SAP Scripting interface starting from 19.6, than add first SAP dedicated activities in 19.10, and at 19.12 I certified our solution by SAP.

So for all projects above 19.6 you should have actually SAP Scripting enabled.

Yes, SAP scripting is enabled by default, were not able to do anything without it at all.
Thank you for your feedback though, looks like this time we still have to go through every project in any case, so will make sure to prepare for the future as well.

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