Sending values into the "Custom Input" activity

I want to show a form so that the user fills it and my bot does the rest, I want to make the user do as little work as possible, so I’d want the form to be pre-filled so the user can check if it’s right, do the needed modifications and submit it. Is there a way to send the data into the activity?

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I think the easiest way to pre-fill the form is to give your input tags default values like this:

If you really need to send data into the form, you would need to send parameters via the input URI and use them in the code of the form like this:

Find the activity documentation and a sample html here:

Let me know, if this helps.

First of all thanks for your reply.
I really need to send the data since It will only be determined when the bot is running, so I tried via URI, but the URI field of the Custom Activity doesn’t recognize the “?” symbol.


it seems, that passing arguments via the URI is not possible yet, I was mistaken - sorry.
Check out this thread, the functionality is being considered for a future release:

Thanks, I will try the replacing string method on the html file.

I have found a workaround.

As it is a local html file, I have to extract the parameters directly from the url (no server is involved and Cross Site Scripting is not an issue).
So i tried another character instead of “?”, like “#”.

[path to the file]\mywebform.html#param1=1&param2=2

I am using an onload method

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function processParameters()
// Get params string
var url = window.location.href;
var paramsInitIndex = url.indexOf(’#’);
var paramsString = url.substring(paramsInitIndex + 1, url.length);

// Handle each parameter of params string
var parameters = paramsString.split("&");
for(i=0; i<parameters.length; i++){
	handleParameter(parameters[i], i);


function handleParameter(value, index) {
var param = value.split("=");
var paramName = param[0];
var paramValue = unescape(param[1]);
alert("Param name: " + paramName + ", " + "Param value: " + paramValue);

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hi @juansaenz
I have tried the code you posted, but yet i am not able to display the value. Could you please help me.

I used that script inside the head mark and called processParameters() on body onload event. You are including the script inside the body. Debug using alert() function inside javascript.

<html><head><script type="text/javascript"> the script...</script></head><body onload="processParameters();"> the body...</body></html>

By the way, i have noticed that you are using a form with a local php file… That won’t work because it is a local file.
Furthermore, if you want to pass the data back to the process, you have to set result json in your submit function:

If you had an input like this <input type="text" id="myfield" name="myfield" /> it would be:
var variablevalue= document.getElementById(“myfield”).value;
window.external.setResult("{‘name’:’" + variablevalue+ “’}”);

If you try it, let me know.
Happy coding.

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hi @juansaenz i tried this. everything worked!
thank you so much for the detailed steps! :clap: