Custom Input Activity - Passing Data


I’m a big fan of the new Custom Input activity - the ability to display html forms without the browser dependency will be huge for many of our production processes.

However, I’m not seeing any straightforward way to pass data IN to the form either before/after it opens. For example, if we want to display dynamic information depending on the source, there’s no way to do that.

As a specific example, I’m wanting to change some of the text of the custom input form using “Set Text” with a variable in the workflow as the input. Is this possible or will it be possible in the near future?


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Hi @tbugbee

I believe as a workaround you could technically read the html file before it is used by the Custom Input activity and use a simple .Replace method to change the content and write it back to a file.

As to the improvement to the activity itself, I am not sure I am following how you would want to change some text of the form using the Set Text activity. Could you elaborate?


Hi there,

In past iterations of the process, I would open an html file using the “Open Browser” activity, and then I could modify the text on-screen using “Set Text” to display different information after the file is opened.

Because the “Custom Input” activity is single-threaded, you cannot perform any actions until the file is closed, so we lose the ability to modify the file once it is already opened.

An improvement I would love is if we could pass variables in using the URI such as webpage.html?var1=value&var2=value2&var3=value3 … etc.

Fair enough, it seems like it should be supported. I added your suggestions to our internal tracking and it will be considered for future releases :slight_smile: