Attended Robot - Custom User Input Form


I’ve been looking at some features of the attended robot - specifically at the custom input activity.

Currently this activity only features an output property, however I am looking at developing a robot/dashboard that can change the text on the form/html page dynamically after a user action.

For example if a user presses a button on the form from the custom input page

  • a pdf would close and another pdf would open (PDF file path can be stored as an array)
  • PDF file name on the form would change depending on what pdf is currently open.

First iteration
Used user events with invoke Javascript and the custom input within a parallel.
When a user presses the middle mouse button JS updated a tag
however, the Javascript is unable to update the uipath.executor.exe app.

Second iteration
Added the Javascript junction within the html page/form that is openned through custom input activity.
The function was successful and I was able to update the form.
Limitation is that I am unable to pass values into the form dynamically…

Is what I am trying to do possible ?

In a nutshell I am trying to build a dashboard form that is always open and the values within the form change dynamically dependent on user actions with the form also outputting values if possible.

Currently a limitation that I can see is that I am unable to pass in values into the form to update and the more I look at it it’s turning into a Javascript automation solution…

Any help is appreciated !


Have you checked RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace ?
@Florent_Salendres - looks like a pretty case for your project, maybe?

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You could certainly Hack something around but I think that may be tricky to display a PDF embeded in the form directly. If it is acceptable to have it open outside then, there may be to achieve this.

@todsy You could try on your own and if you struggle, you can send me where you are stuck, what you are trying to achieve and I could try to help you.


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Hi thanks for the quick reply !

So the idea would be to have the PDF outside and not embedded within the form - although that could certainly be a nice to have feature !

Thanks I think I will have a go at this with JS then, I wasn’t sure if there was something like this support from UI Path as this is quite a common case scenario. I’m almost leaning towards a custom nuget package that can open up the html as a form that takes in input arguments if that is possible. On form load manipulate the variables ie file name etc.

@andrzej.kniola - The SyForm looks good and maybe within loaded within a parallel activity it could mimic the functionality…I will play around it later in the week.