Sending single Report with multiple BOTs

I’m running multiple robots(9-10 bots ) through Orchestrator(UnAttended).

My process should sent an excel report of transactions processed(failed,success) to business by email at only some given time for ex{10,16,20}.

If I run the process on multiple robots, then multiple reports are produced and emailed to the client. One for each robot.

I want only one report should sent at the the given time by only one Bot. it could be any bot.I don’t want to set a particular bot to sent the report.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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You could use some form of matrix to confirm if a bot has sent it already or not.

I.e. An execl file with the 3 times in a column then the robot checks the file and puts it name against if its its empty, then when the next bot reads the sheet it already has a name against it so won’t send it.

Or you could use another queue and only 1 queue item is added for each three times.( queue item to be available at the set times using defer etc. ) Then when the queue item becomes available, in your process robot will retrieve the queue item and a decision can be added to say if it picks up the queue item it sends the email otherwise do nothing then only one will send it.


@TimK thanx for your suggestion !!

tried it and it resolved my problem. :slight_smile:

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

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