Sending pdf attachments in the outlook

I believe it was discussed many times aready, but I have a possibility to automate one daily task I perform at work. Problem is that I’m new to rpa :slight_smile:

I have a few pdf files which are generated by our accounting system with the customer company name and a list of unpaid invoices. One pdf per customer

I also have an excel file with one column with customers company name and their email in the other column

I would need to read a company name from pdf file -> fetch customers email from excel -> send that pdf to that customer (with a predefined text in the body) -> repeat :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Would that be possible to achieve?

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Yes you can do all of this, you’ll need this activities:

-Excel Application scope.
-Install UiPath PDF Activities from manage package.
-Use the activity read pdf text or with OCR
-For each row activity
-SMTP or outlook activity to send the email.

Good luck!

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