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is there any way every time an error comes out to save it in a certain place or variable and send it by mail every time it happens, my workflow never stops like this, an error comes out, but what I want is every time an error comes out (System.Exception) to know what was the mistake. It’s possible?
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You can use a try/catch block to catch any exceptions that get thrown by your process and then you can do whatever you want with them. Right-click on whichever activities you want to handle exceptions for and select Surround with Try Catch.

Then, in the catch section you can catch all kinds of exceptions and handle them differently. If you want to catch everything you can set the type to System.Exception.

To get the information about the exception you can use the methods of the exception class. If your variable is named “exception” then exception.Message will give you the basic exception message, exception.StackTrace will give the full stack trace and show where the exception was thrown, etc. You can then log or email that data as your process requires.

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it helps me to found the solution, because i got the try catch but in the catch activity i just assing to SystemError = Exception, then it transmit to another state. in this state i was sending a mail with screenshot error and the error, so i just need to send in the mail body System the error. So thanks for help!

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