Sending email with dynamic body to dynamic mail adress


Here is my problematic,

In an excel file, I have 2 column, one containt numbers, the other containt email adress. I need to send the numbers to the corresponding email adress. The thing is that, the majority of numbers have the same email adress (For 100 numbers I can have 3 or 5 differente email adress) and I can’t send 1 email by number or some of my collegue will received 40 mail instead of a list…, so I need to create a list of numbers and send it to the good email adress.

Can someone help me to solve this problem ?

Thank you

@simtdl Depending on how you want the numbers to be combined and represented, we can perform a Group By operation based on the Email Address and combine the Numbers together, such that you can send all related numbers at once to that mail.

But again Does the mail have only Numbers and mail from the Excel or are there other data that needs to be supplied from the excel to the mail?

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Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the email adress need to be combine to a group of corresponding numbers. In fact, in the process, some of the numbers are “wrong”, this numbers are in a specific variable. So if there is any wrong number, I need to indicate the “Good” and the “wrong” numbers to the corresponding email adress

@simtdl Can you provide the Structure of Mail Body that you want to Send. We would have to know how you would want to represent the Good and the Bad Numbers for Each Mail

@supermanPunch it should look like this:

To: [emailAdress specific to the numbers in the body]

Object : BlaBlaBla



The following “numbers” are printed:

[List of Numbers]

The following numbers can’t be print:

[List of Errors]"

I hope I’m clear enough.

@simtdl Ok. So do you have the list of Numbers which are Bad ? And I don’t think we need the To, Subject values. What you can do is The body part can be put into a Text file, It can be read When sending the mail and the [ListNumbers] can be replaced with the numbers from the excel.

Also Can you provide a Sample excel data file so that we can implement it on our side and give you a better solution.