About Mails Body

Hi EveryOne,
I Have Excel File With Two Columns “Name”,“Mail_Id”.Am Sending Mails Like Dear “Name” .Here i want to Iterate Name EveryTime who is the Mails Holders and using Text File for Body thats why am asking.Please Help Me.
Thanks In Advance


Here are some steps to do:

  1. Read the entire excel to datatable
  2. use for each row to iterate through the rows and use row(“Name”).tostring to get the name in each row

I don’t understand this part. Can you elaborate?

@HareeshMR Thanks For ur response
I have Text file for body i directly giving the variable name in body instead of writing in body lable.
I have done Both 1 and 2 what u have mentioned.

You want to read the text file using the name of a person in the excel and paste the text file data to body?

Am I right?

@HareeshMR Yes Bro…


As we are getting the name of the person , just store in a string variable and use Read text file activity to read the text and store the output content in a variable. Just pass the content variable to the mail body. Thats as simple as this.

Here The Name will be Change everytime in Body Like “Dear Krishna”,“Dear Hareesh”.How can we Change that For Each Time.

Yes, Do the entire thing within for loop so that the variable is stored with new name everytime and the text will also be replaced with the variable value @krishnareddy