Sending a spacebar as an input


I am trying to enter a space bar as an input for checking a checkbos. My scenario is - after I check the checkbox, the system should automatically enter the date beside it. When I am using the check option, the robot checks the checkbox but will not invoke the hardware component which automatically invokes the data. Hence, I thought of using the keyboard strokes to check the checkbox.

Now, I see that that the checkbox gets checked when we hit the spacebar on the field. But I am understanding how to send a spacebar using Ui Path.

Help is much appreaciated.

Hey @Rajasatish

Just use tabs for navigation and use a Send Hot Key Activity add a normal space in the Key property to pass a space.



Hi Aksh,

This is not working. It is not checking the checkbox.

Hi Raja,

i’m facing same issue as per your post. Did you get any proper solution about the scenario. if you have pls share the answer.


Make sure to indicate where you’re going to press tab/space with the send hotkey activity.

Sometimes the problem could be that you didn’t indicated the element.

Yes, this worked for me.

I tried sending simple VB scripts using the Type Into function. Example shown below

After indicating the element, use type into function and Sendkeys" ".

This worked for me and the BOT is able to recognize the element and hit space against it.

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This worked for me! THANKS!

Thanks! I solved my issue with this suggestion! :slight_smile: