How to select 'space bar' in send key activity




I need to use send keys “Ctrl” + “Spacebar” in SAP application.

But i couldn’t find spacebar key in UiPath.

Is there anyway I could use ‘spacebar’ in send key activity?


Hi @Selva,

use ‘Send Hotkey’ with ‘ctrl’ + space.

Vikas Reddy


Hi @vikas_reddy_Vicky,

I tried this but its not working.


Hey @Selva

It should work just pass a normal one space( by hitting spacebar). with ctrl.


Hi @aksh1yadav,

I did as mentioned, but not working.


have you checked that you have special keys OFF?


Now I unchecked the special key in properties. Its working.

Thanks you:)



I need to use Alt + Space + down arrow.
I tried it using send hotkey but its not working. It may be because I am not giving the hotkeys properly.

Could you suggest a solution???

Thanks in advance


purpose of this? May i know?




I want to select rows in excel


Hello @AnjuChandran to select a rows you need to send Shift + space and down keys.
Use Typeinto activity with following value [d(shift)] [k(down)][k(down)][u(shift)] this will select two rows from activecell
Note: Keep [u(shift)] at the end of value while modifying as per your need.


Hi @AkshaySandhu,

Thanks for your help.
Using Typeinto I am able to select the rows, but the active cell value got deleted.


Hey @AnjuChandran

If you want to select all rows till the end in excel use CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR


Note - one space is there in the key section.



just make sure there are no space at the end. It should be- "[d(shift)] [k(down)][k(down)][u(shift)]"
or alternatively you try what @aksh1yadav aksh1yadav has suggested


Hi @aksh1yadav,

I only want to select certain number of rows.


Certain number of rows? will you share the screenshot for the same? or explain more? and your provided hot keys are working then pass them like i have mentioned:




Thanks @AkshaySandhu.

Now its working fine.


will you please tell me how to hit only and only space bar …




thanks @aksh1yadav