Send Window Messages & Simulate Type/click Difference

Hello All,

The major difference b/w Send Window Messages & Simulate type is that Send Window messages provides Hotkey support. Why?

Can anyone please tell me why we can use hotkey for only Send Window Messages property?

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Hey @BlackCurrant

Send Hotkey will not work only for Simulate option as the method will directly inject value into the element properties.


Hello @Nithinkrishna

I know it doesn’t works for Simulate type.

My question is why does Hotkey works obly for Send Window messages? What is the reason behind it?

Hello @BlackCurrant ,

Plz refer the below post.

send windows message Replays the window messages that the target application receives when the mouse/keyboard is used Clicking and typing occur instantly. Thats why send hotkey is working.

But Simulate click Uses the technology of the target application (the API level) to send instructions
Clicking and typing occur instantly.

Hope its clear.


Thankyou for the answer.

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