Send SMTP Mail Message: Could not find file ""

There is path. But get error. How can I fixed?

Send SMTP Mail Message: Could not find file 'C:\Users\Yudum\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath'.

Hello Yudum,

you have to put the full path in the attachment, completed with the file name.
So for example if your file name is “file.txt” the full path will be “C:\Users\Yudum\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath\file.txt”

Let me know if it works.


Hello Stefano,
Firstly, thank you for reply.

in_ResultExcelFile is in Config File.
ResultExcelFile = C:\Users\Yudum\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath\ArabaArastirma\ArabaArastirmaResults.xlsx
As you said, name is full path.

Ok that’s correct, can you please share the error message and the runtime value of the variable in_ResultExcelFile?

If the error message is the one above it seems that the folder can be misspelled.

From the error it seems that the value is empty. Can you please check at runtime which is the value?
You can also check it in the arguments passed to the Activity Send SMTP Mail Message, or eventually log the value before the activity to see if it’s empty.

You are right. I make mistake to describe arguments.
It works. Thank youu Stefano :slight_smile: