Send Pivot table in an email

Hi Team,
I have built a Pivot table and after refreshing it (since source data changes), I would like to send the pivot table in an email. I do see couple of posts regarding this topic. How do I do that? If you have a final version of the work flow could you please share?


–use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–Use get table range activity and get the range of the pivot table as output

–use read range activity and pass the above range as value in the range property of read range acitvity and get the output as a variable of type datatable

and then kindly follow the below steps that could add the datatable in the mail body

Cheers @Vidya_Lingappa

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Hi @Palaniyappan, Thank you for the detailed steps. I am having issues with the Get Table Range block using string variables. Could you please forward me a copy of the workflow of Get Table Range activity.

Hi @Palani,
I have an issue with my excel table. Is there a way to make the html columns a bit wider in the tag: string.Format(“{0}”,col.ColumnName). All i know is it is looking at index 0.?

@Palaniyappan But before reading and sending it to email , How to manage pivot table fields when pivot table is created using Create Pivot Table …
say example …

  1. Read Range activity
  2. Create Table activity
  3. Create Pivot table activity
    When I see my Excel sheet , in pivot fields all columns will be under Row category … I do not need that …I need to manipulate pivot fields like move one column to Column label , other into filters like that … How to achieve that , please can you suggest me
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@Palaniyappan any update please.

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This can be done either with macros…
we got an option to record macro in excel
where do the steps we need and get that as a macro

then we will be able to execute that macro with INVOKE VBA or EXECUTE MACRO activity…which will be way more easier

Kindly let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @new_user19